I usually try to make my posts funny or interesting or at least vaguely informative. I don’t think this post is necessarily any of those things. And I know I should be writing Twin or the promised Frenemies blog post, but I got some news yesterday that kind of took the wind out of my sails and didn’t leave much space for anything else in my brain.

It was the kind of news that makes you take a step back and get things in perspective, that makes you appreciate that the myriad of trivialities that we stress about every day are really just not that important.That makes you realise that time, taken for granted, might in fact be shorter than we think.

I haven’t written a poem to exorcise what I feel in roughly 22 years, but today I did. I wasn’t a very good poet then and I’m still not a very good poet now. But for what it’s worth – here it is. Even if my iambic pentameter is crap, maybe the sentiment is worth a passing thought.

Don’t push away those you know you’ll miss,

Or dodge your child’s chocolate sticky kiss,

When others speak, listen, and don’t dismiss,

Tomorrow they might be gone.


At friend, parent or lover – don’t roll your eyes,

Rebuffing their words with petulant sighs,

It’s in cherishing them that happiness lies,

Tomorrow they might be gone.


Seize the day now, don’t wait for a cue,

Be strong and have courage to see your dreams through,

There’s none of us know how long we are due,

And tomorrow……. it might be you.

For Trudi, the most glamorous Mum on the playground, who sadly lost her battle. Blossom Hill in the park will never be quite the same.


Annalise 😦

Carpe Diem