Evangeline Devine Series

The Evangeline Devine Series is a supernatural YA trilogy (maybe more – the last story may have to be split into two books – there’s a lot to tell!). The stories are told in the first person from the perspective of the protagonist, seventeen year old Jersey girl, Evangeline Devine.

In the first book of the series, Gifted, Evangeline – Evie to her friends – finds herself the recipient of an unwelcome supernatural gift after she nearly drowns.

But when someone close to her dies mysteriously, Evie is forced to embrace her new power, for she may be the only one who can prove that it was no accident.

To add to her troubles, Evie finds herself torn between her feelings for best friend Seth, who she starts to see in a whole different light after he saves her life, and the enigmatic but potentially dangerous Piers Du Pont.

As events unfold long-buried secrets are revealed and loyalties are tested. Evie discovers that the path that Fate has chosen for her is more terrifying than she could have ever imagined. Life, should she survive, will never be the same again…………

The second book in the series will be “Twin”, the third “Coven”, the fourth “Nemesis” (all working titles and 3 and 4 may be merged into one book depending on length) – I’ve got them all mapped out but can’t say much more than that without giving too much away! Suffice to say there’s plenty of supernatural action, a healthy dollop of romance and, in the final book, an agonising choice for Evie and a battle between good and evil, the outcome of which could change the future for everyone……..

Guess the hoovering will just have to wait while I get on and write them!

7 thoughts on “Evangeline Devine Series

  1. Suzi says:

    looks fabulous honey – so proud!! I know they’re great,and I can’t wait to get my next fix! Suzi XX

  2. Maria Williams says:

    Never mind the housework; I cant wait for the next chapters and the rest of the series then the films, Im so excited for you congrats xx

  3. Gillian Mallet says:

    Captivating… Drawn into the story from the moment my eyes hit the page. ….. You have a unique writing style you capture the readers senses to a higher level…. What a shame the forth chapter is not on here…. Left me wanting more…. I need my next reading fix…. Think I may have found it……

  4. Absolutely fantastic book, had me totally gripped n filled with so much emotion. Still got 25% to read but can’t wait for the 2nd book.
    Keep up the good work x

    • Hey Sharon
      I’m so pleased that you’re enjoying Gifted. The sequel, Twin, should be out November / December. I’ll be advertising the release date on my blog nearer the time.

      Thanks so much for your interest

      Happy reading!

      Annalise 🙂

  5. Korine says:

    Absolutely love Gifted! Really cannot wait for Twin to be released! 🙂

    • Hi Korine

      Yay I’m really happy that you enjoyed Gifted – thanks so much for your interest and support. Check out my blog for Twin cover reveal and progress update 🙂

      Happy Reading

      Annalise 🙂

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