A Temporary Time Out……..

After much deliberation, I’ve decided that I’m not going to be releasing my second book “Twin” next month as planned.

This may be bad news for those of you who have contacted me after reading “Gifted” to find out when the sequel would be available (and thank you so much – your interest and support really does mean the world to me) but it honestly is for good reason.

I’ve learnt some valuable lessons since I released “Gifted” back in 2011, the main one being that despite best laid plans, life always has a way of intervening. That’s why the release date for “Twin” has been subject to more delays than the British Rail network. Now, “Twin” is actually finished and I could rush through the rest of the editing and stick it out there for the reading public, but as I’ve said in previous posts, it’s not going to be up to scratch. Added to that, if I’m lucky enough to have “Twin” generate as much interest from readers as “Gifted” did, then will come the burning question of when will the third book “Nemesis” be released?

And that’s where things get complicated.

I recently got a promotion of sorts in my “real” job (yeah the 9 to 5 that actually pays the mortage and keeps me in shoes, not the one in my imagination where I’m a mega successful hybrid of Enid Blyton and Stephen King) which is good news in some respects, but not so good for my writing aspirations. Because promotion also equals EXAMS. And ASSIGNMENTS. And – urgh, I hate to say it – STUDYING.


So for the next 12 months, the most exciting thing I’m going to be writing is 20,000 words on the importance of risk analysis and international financial regulation regimes and I highly doubt anyone is going to want to read THAT.

In a nutshell, this means that writing what I actually WANT to write (and you hopefully want to read!) is going to have to take a bit of a back seat and if I released “Twin” as planned, there could end up being quite a wait for the conclusion.

But this got me to thinking about the series as a whole. Looking back on “Gifted” now, I can see for myself loads of things that I could improve about it and I now also have the benefit of feedback from you, the readers. So instead of rushing out “Twin” and then leaving readers hanging for the last book, I’m going to take a bit of a time out.

BUT come September when the dreaded exams are done and dusted (assuming there are no re-sits necessary!) I will be back on the writing wagon with a vengeance!


The plan will then be to release all 3 books (including a revised edition of “Gifted”, although not so dramatically that you need to re-read it to follow the next two) so there will be no waiting to see what happens, plot quirks perfected and no ropey editing! Bazinga!

Thanks so much for the support you have shown “Gifted” and I hope that, when it is finally out there, you will find that the completed Evangeline Devine series is deserving of the wait.

And in the meantime, as always 

Happy Reading! 🙂

The Evangeline Devine Series #2 – “Twin” RELEASE DATE

I’ve had a flurry of queries recently as to when “Twin” – the second book of The Evangeline Devine Series – is going to be released. I need to extend a really big apology in this regard. When I started writing “Twin” back in August 2012, the story was so clear in my head I was sure that it would take me under a year to write. So, full of foolhardy optimism, when asked when the sequel to “Gifted” would be released, I said Spring 2013. Hmmm…….well, maybe if the world had stopped turning for nine months, laundry had learnt to how to wash itself and I’d successfully mastered the art of cloning so that my cyber double could have gone to work for me, I would have hit that Spring deadline. And I tried – I really did. But I soon realised that I was rushing through writing “Twin” to get it out on time, but by doing so, all I was going to achieve was writing a book that wasn’t all it could be. And I don’t want to be the author of a half assed story any more than you want to be the reader of one.

So I stopped stressing about release dates and went back to investing quality writing time in “Twin” instead of cramming in hurried, panicked scribblings whenever I could. And I’m pleased to now be able to say – I’m done. “Twin” is now finished. It’s not ready for release just yet, I’m still proof reading, editing and tweaking bits and bobs, but it will be out before the end of 2013. I’ll post the actual release date on here nearer the time, but in the meantime, thanks so much for your interest and support and as always

Happy Reading!

Annalise 🙂

The Evangeline Devine Series #1 – “Gifted” – Now only 99p on Amazon!

“Gifted” is now only 99p on Amazon.co.uk and $0.99 on Amazon.com

Download your copy now if you haven’t already read it!

Look out for “Twin”, the second installment of The Evangeline Devine Series, due for release on 31 October 2013.

As always, all reviews, be they good, bad or ugly, are greatly appreciated by the author.

What recent reviewers had to say about “Gifted”:

“Seriously, this is a good book. It draws you in, keeps the pace and encourages you to care about the characters. It’s well-written and has all the elements that a YA novel needs; strong, young protagonists that have something to lose – and to gain – and presented in such a fashion as to appeal to the target audience.” (Fluffy Socks)

“Even though this book is aimed at young adults (which I’m definitely not) I loved it. The book had me hooked from the first page to the last. I loved the characters and will certainly be reading the second instalment.” (Suzy J)

“I’m an avid reader, and so far this year four books have stood out as being difficult to put down. Gifted was one, The Hunger Games trilogy were the others. And that’s some pretty fine company to be in.” (OLT)

So that was what they thought…… what will your opinion be?

Happy reading 🙂


“Twin” – The Evangeline Devine Series #2 – Coming Soon!!!

A heart weighed down with guilt can be too heavy a burden for even the strongest soul…..

Teenage clairvoyant Evie is a survivor. She’s survived a near fatal drowning accident, reconciled herself with her unwelcome ability to communicate with the dead and been shoved off a cliff by a seductive but sociopathic killer. She’s even come to terms with the fact that, thanks to an ancient prophecy of which she is an unwilling but intrinsic part, her future may never truly be of her own choosing.

But some obstacles in life are not so easy to overcome.  The irrational and unshakeable guilt that has plagued her since unearthing her family’s long buried secret – the death of her infant twin sister Rose – festers inside Evie, diminishing her spirit more than any other adversity she has faced.

So when, on the night of her eighteenth birthday, Rose’s spirit appears to Evie as her mirror image and offers Evie a risky yet beguiling way of assuaging herself of the torment she feels over Rose’s death, Evie wrestles with her conscience and loses.

She knows she shouldn’t do it. She knows there’s too much at stake. But some decisions still get to be hers – right?

But are Rose’s motives as genuine as she claims?

Or will Evie discover that the true cost of retribution is too high a price – and will she be the only one to pay? 

“Twin” – coming as soon as my ironing pile allows (which should be sometime around the end of March!)

In the meantime……………

Happy Reading!

Annalise 🙂

YA Book Bridges Review of “Gifted”

Thanks so much to Reagan of YA Book Bridges for reading and reviewing “Gifted” – hopefully she will have more to say on the sequel “Twin” when it is released in 2013.

Check out her review and the rest of her blog here:


REVIEW: Always leery of self-published books that are immediately ebooks, this review was accepted with misgivings; however, Hulse’s debut turns out to be a pleasant surprise. There are few editing mistakes which are typical in self-pubbed ebooks and the writing is impressive.

But…on to the meat of the issue. The main character and the other characters’ stories are what really drives this book. Evie is confident, if even headstrong, and readers will admire her pluck. Her shining qualities are her loyalty and dedication to sincerity. The interesting thing is that while she never says something she doesn’t truly mean, that doesn’t mean that she’s always truthful. It’s difficult to create a character with principles who is also human but Hulse has accomplished just that. Seth is a loyal friend to Evie but his own story isn’t glossed over and readers will feel Seth’s struggle clearly as a subtle compliment to Evie’s conflict. Piers, too, is a fully fleshed-out character and Hulse does a great job of making the reader feel just as pulled toward Piers as is Evie. It is also refreshing to see parents play an actual role in the story. So many times characters’ parents are marginalized as uninvolved or struggling with their own demons in order to give the adolescent main character free reign. Hulse manages to capture the right balance between parents who are involved and in tune with their child while allowing interactions between characters to take place in realistic, sans-parents settings.

The plot itself is a treat. Hulse infuses a tired, talking-to-the-dead scenario with twists and turns that make it fun to read. Every time it seems the ending is predictable, Hulse throws in another twist that makes readers rethink their predictions. Ultimately, the plot is not so different than other paranormal romances but Hulse is able to craft the story in such a way that it never seems tired or cliche.

Hulse is one to watch and with three more installments in the Evangeline Devine series, there is much to look forward to with this author. Much like her small but spunky home of Jersey, Hulse is an ebook author who packs a punch. Teen fans of paranormal romance should definitely include this series on their To-Be-Read lists.

Bookish Whimsy Review of “Gifted”

A big thank you to Charlene of Bookish Whimsy blog spot for taking the time to read and review my debut novel “Gifted”, the first installment of The Evangeline Devine Series.

See what Charlene thought of it here:


The characters the author creates are incredibly vivid and relatable. I found myself tearing up over many poignant scenes and stories that Evie has to hear. I think this is because the author sets up the background and the lives of the characters so well, that their emotion comes through so strongly. I was very impressed by how much interest there was in the stories of the ghosts that passed on.

The mystery aspect of the novel was in some ways predictable, but in most ways surprising. I loved the building of tension over the two most suspicious characters – I was almost constantly switching back and forth over who I thought was guilty. The resolution of the mystery though was perfect and I could see it was really the obvious answer.

The romance in the novel was a little overstated at times for my taste, and felt a little contrived, especially with the way they two were kept apart. It’s a very sweet romance though, and the characters, as the author does so well, were extremely well-realized. This book sets up a bigger story-line that involves the main characters needing to use their powers to combat evil in some way, and I think this novel is a great set up for the rest of the series!