The Evangeline Devine Series #2 – “Twin” RELEASE DATE

I’ve had a flurry of queries recently as to when “Twin” – the second book of The Evangeline Devine Series – is going to be released. I need to extend a really big apology in this regard. When I started writing “Twin” back in August 2012, the story was so clear in my head I was sure that it would take me under a year to write. So, full of foolhardy optimism, when asked when the sequel to “Gifted” would be released, I said Spring 2013. Hmmm…….well, maybe if the world had stopped turning for nine months, laundry had learnt to how to wash itself and I’d successfully mastered the art of cloning so that my cyber double could have gone to work for me, I would have hit that Spring deadline. And I tried – I really did. But I soon realised that I was rushing through writing “Twin” to get it out on time, but by doing so, all I was going to achieve was writing a book that wasn’t all it could be. And I don’t want to be the author of a half assed story any more than you want to be the reader of one.

So I stopped stressing about release dates and went back to investing quality writing time in “Twin” instead of cramming in hurried, panicked scribblings whenever I could. And I’m pleased to now be able to say – I’m done. “Twin” is now finished. It’s not ready for release just yet, I’m still proof reading, editing and tweaking bits and bobs, but it will be out before the end of 2013. I’ll post the actual release date on here nearer the time, but in the meantime, thanks so much for your interest and support and as always

Happy Reading!

Annalise 🙂