“Twin” – The Evangeline Devine Series #2 – Coming Soon!!!

A heart weighed down with guilt can be too heavy a burden for even the strongest soul…..

Teenage clairvoyant Evie is a survivor. She’s survived a near fatal drowning accident, reconciled herself with her unwelcome ability to communicate with the dead and been shoved off a cliff by a seductive but sociopathic killer. She’s even come to terms with the fact that, thanks to an ancient prophecy of which she is an unwilling but intrinsic part, her future may never truly be of her own choosing.

But some obstacles in life are not so easy to overcome.  The irrational and unshakeable guilt that has plagued her since unearthing her family’s long buried secret – the death of her infant twin sister Rose – festers inside Evie, diminishing her spirit more than any other adversity she has faced.

So when, on the night of her eighteenth birthday, Rose’s spirit appears to Evie as her mirror image and offers Evie a risky yet beguiling way of assuaging herself of the torment she feels over Rose’s death, Evie wrestles with her conscience and loses.

She knows she shouldn’t do it. She knows there’s too much at stake. But some decisions still get to be hers – right?

But are Rose’s motives as genuine as she claims?

Or will Evie discover that the true cost of retribution is too high a price – and will she be the only one to pay? 

“Twin” – coming as soon as my ironing pile allows (which should be sometime around the end of March!)

In the meantime……………

Happy Reading!

Annalise 🙂