Pleased but perplexed!

So today when I checked my Amazon reports, I felt like this:


But when I saw the number of refunds on Amazon UK, it was something more like this:


Firstly, let me say how grateful I am that so many people are still downloading even though the Gifted Giveaway is finished – it is fantastic to think that perhaps at last word of its existence is spreading and thanks so much for your interest and support.

But one thing that is a bit worrying is the number of books downloaded that are subsequently being returned (this is exclusive to Amazon UK). Now it may just be that, having downloaded Gifted some of you are then deciding that it is not for you after all, which is fine – that is both your prerogative and your right. What I’m more concerned about is that there might be a problem of which I am unaware – for example listing still showing as a freebie at the Kindle store and then requesting payment after download, duplication in downloads, not downloading at first attempt etc.because there seems to be a direct corrolation between number of downloads v number of refunds which doesn’t seem random.

If you have experienced these or indeed any issues that have led to you requesting a refund when downloading Gifted, can you please let me know so that I can report to it to Amazon. You can either e-mail me at, leave a comment to this post or send me a tweet @Anna Hulse Books.

Thanks so much and hope you’re enjoying reading Gifted – all reviews much appreciated!

Annalise 🙂

P.S. Please note that the photos shown above are in no way a true representation of what I actually look like. I have slightly more hair and slightly fewer chins.Also, I was never that cute.


3 thoughts on “Pleased but perplexed!

  1. Once you start getting a certain volume of sales, you’ll get a bunch of returns. I can never tell on mine how many are actual people not liking the book, or how many are people accidentally clicking the one click buy, or double clicking or what. I notice my returns come hand in hand with sales, so it looks like most of them are mistakes that are quickly corrected, not a person reading the book and hating it. But if it makes you feel any better, I get about .5% of my sales “returned”.

    • Thanks Emily – that is really helpful. It seemed to be that each time the downloads number went up by 3 the refund number went up by 1 which made me think that perhaps it wasn’t random and that there was a fault somewhere. Also I’m not used to getting downloads so don’t know what the normal rate of refunds is! Thanks so much for all the re-tweets too x

  2. Tom Marshall says:

    Congrats on being number one in the kindle horror chart (paid)!

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