It’s all over!

So the Gifted Giveaway is over, the deep dark depths of the Amazon ratings beckon once more but hey – it was awesome while it lasted! I never for a second expected to get such a great response and I’m extremely grateful to everyone who downloaded. I really hope that you all enjoy reading Gifted as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you do then tell your friends, pass it on, review it on Amazon – it all helps to get Gifted out there which is the biggest favour you can do me!

Now at the risk of being a bit of a mush-bag, my journey into writing and publishing is only in its early stages, but already I’ve come across some really lovely people who are prepared to advise and support and promote for no personal gain and for no other reason than just to be nice and to lend a hand because they can. And tonight I received the loveliest e-mail from a lady who had downloaded and read Gifted – it brought a little lump to my throat it really did. So a big thank you readers and bloggers and hop organisers – its really good to come across people like you, especially in such an essentially competitive arena as indie publishing.

So, drivelling aside, time to press on with “Twin”. Jack, the guy who designed the cover of “Gifted” has just come back off his travels, so hopefully I might have a “twin” cover to reveal in the not too distant future……

3 thoughts on “It’s all over!

  1. Gillian says:

    Keep living your dream… I’m sure it won’t be long …. i love this quote …….” You’ve got to have a dream, if you want to have a dream come true.” Dennis Waitley 1933… welldone keep up the hard work we are all waiting anxiously…. x x

  2. Sam Davies says:

    Hi I’ve just finnished reading Gifted and LOVED the story. It ends with the first chapter of Twins but when I looked on amazon kindle there are no more books in your name? When will Twins be available.

    In anticipation. Xx

    • Hi Sam
      Thanks so much for your comments and I’m so glad you enjoyed reading Gifted.
      Gifted is my debut novel so there are no other books available by me (yet!) but there are several in the pipeline. I’m currently in the process of writing “Twin” the sequel to Gifted and I’m aiming to release it in the Autumn – probably October / November time, although with working full time and finding time for my family and housework etc I don’t like to set a deadline in stone because I might not meet it! Twin will definitely be out by the end of this year though and then I’ll be working on “Coven” which is the third book in the series.
      If you wouldn’t mind, is there any chance that you could either give me a rating and / or a brief review on Amazon? If you could it would be really appreciated as all reviews and ratings given help to boost Gifted’s profile on Amazon.
      Further details of Twin will be posted on my blog soon.
      Thanks so much for your interest and support

      Annalise πŸ™‚

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