Amazon Giveaway – 21-22 June

Wow I am totally blown away that so many people have downloaded “Gifted” today – guess everyone loves a freebie ha ha. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded so far. I’m currently sitting at #110 in the Kindle free download ratings – please tell your friends, your Gran, your budgie and help me get in the top #100!! I think I might run around the garden in my pyjamas with joy if that happens. And it’s raining. A lot.

Seriously – thank you all so much for your interest and your support. It makes me massively happy to know that people all over the place are reading and (hopefully) being entertained by something that I wrote.

But if I could ask one more favour of you all. I know I always go on about this but it’s is so true – for totally unknown, indie writers like me word of mouth and reviews is absolutely crucial. We don’t have marketing departments and PR dudes at our disposal so what you, the reader, have to say is gold dust.

So please, if you liked Gifted – or even if you didn’t (constructive criticism equally helpful!) write about it – on your blog (if you have one) on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, nightclub toilet walls (joke – I am no way encouraging graffiti ha ha) – or just tell people. I’m sure I speak for all indie writers when I say that we appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine.

Happy reading!!

3 thoughts on “Amazon Giveaway – 21-22 June

  1. Molly Snow says:

    Congrats, Annalise on doing so well 🙂

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  3. I’ll go tweet about it!

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