Pleased but perplexed!

So today when I checked my Amazon reports, I felt like this:


But when I saw the number of refunds on Amazon UK, it was something more like this:


Firstly, let me say how grateful I am that so many people are still downloading even though the Gifted Giveaway is finished – it is fantastic to think that perhaps at last word of its existence is spreading and thanks so much for your interest and support.

But one thing that is a bit worrying is the number of books downloaded that are subsequently being returned (this is exclusive to Amazon UK). Now it may just be that, having downloaded Gifted some of you are then deciding that it is not for you after all, which is fine – that is both your prerogative and your right. What I’m more concerned about is that there might be a problem of which I am unaware – for example listing still showing as a freebie at the Kindle store and then requesting payment after download, duplication in downloads, not downloading at first attempt etc.because there seems to be a direct corrolation between number of downloads v number of refunds which doesn’t seem random.

If you have experienced these or indeed any issues that have led to you requesting a refund when downloading Gifted, can you please let me know so that I can report to it to Amazon. You can either e-mail me at, leave a comment to this post or send me a tweet @Anna Hulse Books.

Thanks so much and hope you’re enjoying reading Gifted – all reviews much appreciated!

Annalise 🙂

P.S. Please note that the photos shown above are in no way a true representation of what I actually look like. I have slightly more hair and slightly fewer chins.Also, I was never that cute.


It’s all over!

So the Gifted Giveaway is over, the deep dark depths of the Amazon ratings beckon once more but hey – it was awesome while it lasted! I never for a second expected to get such a great response and I’m extremely grateful to everyone who downloaded. I really hope that you all enjoy reading Gifted as much as I enjoyed writing it. If you do then tell your friends, pass it on, review it on Amazon – it all helps to get Gifted out there which is the biggest favour you can do me!

Now at the risk of being a bit of a mush-bag, my journey into writing and publishing is only in its early stages, but already I’ve come across some really lovely people who are prepared to advise and support and promote for no personal gain and for no other reason than just to be nice and to lend a hand because they can. And tonight I received the loveliest e-mail from a lady who had downloaded and read Gifted – it brought a little lump to my throat it really did. So a big thank you readers and bloggers and hop organisers – its really good to come across people like you, especially in such an essentially competitive arena as indie publishing.

So, drivelling aside, time to press on with “Twin”. Jack, the guy who designed the cover of “Gifted” has just come back off his travels, so hopefully I might have a “twin” cover to reveal in the not too distant future……

Two more days to go!!

Just a quick reminder that the Gifted Giveaway on Amazon has been extended until 26 June. Currently ranked at #11 in free download chart, #1 on paranormal fantasy chart and #1 on horror chart (on Amazon UK). Crossing my fingers that I might make it to the Top 10!!

Extension to Gifted Giveaway on Amazon

Thanks to all of you out there Gifted is currently ranked #57 in free download listing and #2 in horror listing!!! So to show my appreciation I have extended the free offer period until 26 June, so if you haven’t downloaded already now you have a couple more days to do so – no pressure or nothing ha ha

All reviews VERY much appreciated!!!

Happy reading 🙂

Gifted location pics – welcome to Jersey!!

If you’ve read “Gifted” – and I hope you have – you will know that it is set in the island of Jersey where I live. Now Jersey is a tiny little place – 45 square miles to be precise – you can actually walk right the way around it if you’ve got a good pair of hiking boots and a day to spare (and if you’re considerably more energetic than I am!). In fact, we are so tiny that if you look for us on a world map, we’re not even there.

So you would be forgiven for never having heard of us (or confusing us with a US state – which was actually named after our inconsequential little rock believe it or not!)

I know that when I read I like to be able to picture the scene, envisage where the plot is unfolding, so for those of you who feel the same, I thought it would be cool to give you some actual location  shots of where some of the action happens in Gifted. Warning: very slight spoilers (but no major plot giveaways!)

So, these first ones are of Corbiere Lighthouse. If you’ve read the book, you’ll know that this is where most of the major action goes down…….


really pretty in the daytime……..


but maybe not wise to wander those cliffs once twilight falls……with all the people who have drowned there oevr the centuries, who knows what might be roaming once darkness comes…

This next one is of St Brelade’s Bay –  a really beautiful beach on the west coast of the island. I spent HOURS on this beach when I was a teenager (in those glorious days before I spent my weekends grocery shopping and watching junior football matches haha)


and it’s underneath those beguiling blue waters that Evie’s life changes forever…….

This next one is of some cliffs on the north cost called The Tombolenes – a name you’ll recognise if you’ve read the book. Local legend has it that this is where tragic Jeanne was hounded to her death by the marauders who murdered her betrothed on the eve of their wedding. Some say that on stormy nights you can still hear her screams….


And on a less morbid note, there is a great little shack in the next bay along that does an awesome Thai burger!!

These final pictures are of the biggest beach in Jersey. On the west coast, it stretches for five interrupted miles and is called St Ouen (pronounced Won) – but everyone knows it as The Five Mile Road (yeah original lot us beans – a “bean” is a Jersey person, by the way). You don’t want to get caught in a current off The Five Mile Road, because from there, it’s a straight drift out into the Atlantic and the next land you’re going to hit is America. But this does mean that we get some pretty good surf there and there are lots of great spots which, if the wave is right, will be busy summer and winter. Like Secrets, another location in “Gifted” – don’t ask me why it’s called Secrets – it clearly isn’t given the number of people you’ll find there on a hot afternoon in August – but it seemed very apt given the realisation Evie has whilst walking there with Piers…


Surfing at Secrets at Sunset


Five Mile Road

And finally……….so now maybe you can picture more clearly where Gifted is set, but as for the characters, I guess those you’ll have to envisage for yourselves. Except, perhaps for one. There is one character in the series who I’ve based almost exactly on someone very close to my heart…


This is my dog Bradley………a.k.a Evie’s dog Cosmo. Well, they look alike anyway. In the books, Cosmo is a brave, feisty little terrier who leaps to Evie’s defense when she’s in danger. Whereas Bradley is scared of the cat.

So there you go….. a whistle stop, Gifted flavoured tour of Jersey – well, bits of it anyway. Hope you enjoyed it – come visit!!!

I should mention – none of these photos (apart from the one of Bradley) are taken by me – I am a hopeless photographer and I’m sure that you wouldn’t have found ten photos of my thumb / my shoes / the sky very interesting and informative.

Annalise x



Amazon Giveaway – 21-22 June

Wow I am totally blown away that so many people have downloaded “Gifted” today – guess everyone loves a freebie ha ha. Thanks to everyone who has downloaded so far. I’m currently sitting at #110 in the Kindle free download ratings – please tell your friends, your Gran, your budgie and help me get in the top #100!! I think I might run around the garden in my pyjamas with joy if that happens. And it’s raining. A lot.

Seriously – thank you all so much for your interest and your support. It makes me massively happy to know that people all over the place are reading and (hopefully) being entertained by something that I wrote.

But if I could ask one more favour of you all. I know I always go on about this but it’s is so true – for totally unknown, indie writers like me word of mouth and reviews is absolutely crucial. We don’t have marketing departments and PR dudes at our disposal so what you, the reader, have to say is gold dust.

So please, if you liked Gifted – or even if you didn’t (constructive criticism equally helpful!) write about it – on your blog (if you have one) on Goodreads, Facebook, Twitter, nightclub toilet walls (joke – I am no way encouraging graffiti ha ha) – or just tell people. I’m sure I speak for all indie writers when I say that we appreciate it more than you can possibly imagine.

Happy reading!!

Paranormal Freebies Blog Hop hosted by Molly Snow

A big thank you to the lovely Molly Snow for inviting me to take part in her Paranormal Freebies Blog Hop on June 21-22.

On those dates, you can download my novel Gifted for FREE from Amazon. You can also download Molly’s novel BeSwitched Witch for free too.

More YA authors should be signing up to the blog, so who knows what other good stuff might be up for grabs!

Follow the link below to check out Molly’s blog and then follow the rules to make like a rabbit and join the hop (yeah, I know, that sucked – but I couldn’t resist ha ha).

  • 1.) Add your blog URL to the Linky
  • 2.) Copy the badge and paste it in your blog post
  • 3.) Copy the Linky code and paste it to your blog post.
  • 4.) Copy the Rules to your post.
  • 4.) On June 21st or June 22nd blog about your favorite paranormal character from any book
  • 5.) a:Offer a giveaway prize, or b:(If a YA paranormal author) give a link to your free ebook offer.

Coma Calm review of Gifted

A massive thank you to Vickie @ Coma Calm for taking the time to read and review Gifted. And an even bigger thanks for being so kind to me – I couldn’t have asked for a better review if I’d bribed her (which I swear I didn’t).

Check out Vickie’s review at and the rest of the site – this girl devours books, so if your’e looking for inspiration on what to read next, this site is an amazing resource.