Ah, another beautiful sunny day in Jersey. The skies are blue, the birds are singing. A perfect day for lying on your lounger or swinging in your hammock with a long cool drink in one hand and your Kindle in the other. Perhaps reading a debut paranormal suspense novel…………. did I mention that I wrote one………..

Paranormal Freebies Blog Hop hosted by Molly Snow

A big thank you to the lovely Molly Snow for inviting me to take part in her Paranormal Freebies Blog Hop on June 21-22.

On those dates, you can download my novel Gifted for FREE from Amazon. You can also download Molly’s novel BeSwitched Witch for free too.

More YA authors should be signing up to the blog, so who knows what other good stuff might be up for grabs!

Follow the link below to check out Molly’s blog and then follow the rules to make like a rabbit and join the hop (yeah, I know, that sucked – but I couldn’t resist ha ha).


  • 1.) Add your blog URL to the Linky
  • 2.) Copy the badge and paste it in your blog post
  • 3.) Copy the Linky code and paste it to your blog post.
  • 4.) Copy the Rules to your post.
  • 4.) On June 21st or June 22nd blog about your favorite paranormal character from any book
  • 5.) a:Offer a giveaway prize, or b:(If a YA paranormal author) give a link to your free ebook offer.

Thank You!

Thanks to Le Rocquier School book club for inviting me this afternoon – and for being nice to me because I was VERY nervous! The last time I talked in front of a group of people I don’t know was when I read a poem in school assembly when I was six! I look forward to hearing your opinions when you’ve had a chance to read the book (if you decide to) 🙂