Gifted available on Amazon now!!

Yay! As of this morning, Gifted is now available to buy on Amazon for the princely sum of £1.53!! Can be downoaded to Kindle and all Kindle based apps for Mac, iReader, iPhones etc etc. It isnt compatible with KOBO unfortunately – they have their own KOBO store and I’m working on getting it uploaded on there too.

But because I’m a complete unknown with no track record, it’s only fair to give readers the chance to “try before they buy” and so I’ve added an extra two free chapters on here to give people the chance to see if they think they would like it or not.

I’ve also attached the front cover which is the work of Jack Prendergast, a local graphic artist.

If any of you do download Gifted from Amazon, please please leave a review once you have read it, just to boost its’ Amazon profile. You don’t even have to be nice. All publicity is good publicity, or so they say!

Thanks for all your support

Annalise x

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