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I have now also set up a new Facebook page specifically for Anna Hulse Books – I don’t really want this website linking directly through to my personal profile – as much as I instantly love anyone who actually takes the time to look at my blog, I don’t love you enough to let you see me looking sunburnt and chubby in unfortunate holiday pics! Actually, maybe it’s because I love you that I wouldn’t want to traumatise you like that!!

Anyway, look me up on Faceboook Annahulse Books, add me as a friend and suggest me to anyone else who you think might be interested.

I’m now also on Twitter (Ha – yes, really) under Anna Hulse Books – so follow me – or whatever it is your’e meant to do on there – it’s still a bit beyond my limited technical capabilities to be honest – but hey – if WAGS can use it, then how hard can it be…………..

Annalise x

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